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What’s Your Story?

It’s been awhile and this unplanned blogcation (as my bff, Peggie, calls it) has produced LOTS of stories about… Suffice it to say that I am grateful that the Universe sent me not one, not two, but three blog posts to remind me to just effin’ write already!  And a fourth one, just to call me on my shit.  Special thanks to Laura at, Danielle at, ElizabethPW at and Megan at for your part in changing my story.)

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!~ Sir Walter Scott

I went to bed last night pondering a post by my tweetie, Megan @


The stories we tell ourselves.

The stories I tell myself about me.

And the stories I tell about you.

See, I don’t know Megan (or Lori, LaVonne or Peggie or Pamela or Frank).  Not IRL (in real life) anyway.

They are just some of my tweethearts.  People I have connected with through this crazy thing called the internet. People I have laughed and cried with, either on the phone or while reading their blogs.

And I have a story about each and every one of them.

Not just the “one time s(he) did this…” type of story.

But a story about who I think they are.

And I’m sure that if when I meet them in person, my story about them will change.

As will their story about me.

We all have stories. About people in our lives.  About things that have happened to us.  About work.  About money. About our country.  About the world.

But they are just “stories.”

We think we know the “truth” about so many things.

And that “truth” is nothing more than the story we’ve concoted.

Because how can we know the truth about anything or anyone when we don’t even know the truth about ourselves?

Oh you think you know the truth about you.

You suck at math.  You’re scared of heights.  You love chocolate ice cream. You’ve never been to Sweden.

You have woven all those details into a beautiful story that “defines” who you are.

And it’s all bullshit.

That story filled with all sorts of facts, figures, names and places, is not a true reflection of who you really are.

It simply feeds the illusion.

The illusion that keeps you from your biggest, grandest dreams.

I fell asleep last night thinking about Megan’s post.  And I dreamed that I was walking, covered in layers and layers of clothing.

It became apparent to me that at any time, I could take off all that extra clothing.  That nothing was keeping me in those layers but me.

It wasn’t cold outside.

I wasn’t even uncomfortable in the layers.

But when I realized that nothing was keeping me in them, I began to understand the power of my stories.

See, I can dismantle them any time.

Layer by layer.

As I walked removing layer after layer of clothing, I began to discover new things.  New perspectives.

The path seemed different somehow.

It was different because as I removed another layer, I began to feel differently.  More purposeful.
More aware.  More open.

Things on the path were not obstacles.  Nor were they just things I was passing on the way to my destination.

They were reminders.

Reminders that at any time, I could choose a different story about where I was going and how I would get there.

It was all up to me.

I could decide any thing I wanted on this path.  I could change my story any time.

I was the creator of my experience.

“Oh man! There is no planet, sun or star that could hold you, if you but knew what you are.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you know what you are?

What if by changing your current story, you could discover just how freakin’ amazing you really are?

What if you could trust yourself enough to actually start living from that place?

I’m ready.

Will you join me?


40 Responses to “What’s Your Story?”

  1. Megan Says:

    I'm teary. Obviously. What a beautiful post- I'm so honored to be mentioned. And it's sosososo true. One of the things I loved about going to CIP was that I got to show another side of myself. I'm sure I give an impression on my site. But there are many sides to me. We will be meeting IRL for sure. I'm taking my layers off off off, the shedding continues. Love, Megan
    My recent post The Hardest Button to Button

  2. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you, Megan. What you helped me realize is that I can only know another person to the extent I know myself. And that may take a lifetime. 🙂 What I hope to create here is a space where people can feel free to shed those masks and not be judged because yesterday we saw one mask and today another. At your heart, you are Goddess, and that's what I see through all the layers. But only because, I am beginning to see Goddess in me.

    Love, love, love you for being at my party and being YOU.

  3. Megan Says:

    Ah! the truest truth! We can only know someone as well as we know ourself. Only love them to the depth that we love ourself. Beautiful.
    My recent post The Hardest Button to Button

  4. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    You, my dear, are making me work. Or think. Or something. 🙂 That is going on my wall: "I can only love you to the depth I love myself."

    We should be writers. lol

  5. Mary Says:

    Lisa, I almost have no words for this post. I have been receiving many of the same signs lately from the same people/bloggers, as well as others. And they inspired me to begin to also start telling my story, start writing from my heart. So I am right there with you and Megan in shedding the layers. It's amazing to me, like Megan said about herself, how many layers I have that most people have no clue about.

    I'm glad to be on this journey with such amazing people. Keep creating these awesome posts – I love your blog. And welcome back, it's good to see you again. 🙂

  6. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    OMG…How did I miss That's freakin' BRILLIANT, Mary! So proud of you!

    I love the layers. I've been blessed that people tend to show me aspects of themselves that they may keep from others. You have so much depth and it is scary to shed light on it. But it's time. There is so much power, courage, strength and love underneath it all. And when those parts of you see the light of day…Watch out! 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a part of the Lisa-Unmasked family and sharing this journey with me. And it's good to be back. 😉

  7. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    What's Your Story? – Thx 2 @ElizabethPW @thecopycorner @MeganMatthieson & @DanielleLaPorte 4 inspiration. #2500wds

  8. Megan Matthieson Says:

    so honored! RT @LisaMilesBrady: What's Your Story? – Thx @ElizabethPW @thecopycorner @MeganMatthieson @DanielleLaPorte

  9. Mary Havlicek Says:

    Such a beautiful post from @LisaMilesBrady

  10. Liana Says:

    I learned years ago that one of the most important things that a person can do is to learn to live an authentic life…a life not full of shoulds or musts, but a distillation of one's true self, good, bad or indifferent.

  11. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you so much, Liana, for taking the time to stop by and share.

    Yes! Living an authentic life is so important and yet I think we all know that intellectually. We just fail (miserably) in execution. Cultural and family influences are so strong and people like to place everyone and everything into a category…a box. Realizing that you can deconstruct that box and live without walls if you want, requires tremendous trust in oneself. Kudos to you for being on YOUR path!

  12. Sherrie Says:

    Lisa, you have hit upon the thing I have been telling people for years. There is no truth. There is only our perception of the truth. People who get caught up in what's true, what's a myth, what's a story, what's a lie are missing out on the big picture of life. Our own truth is still a story. Everyone is so complex I go about life with the mindset to be open to everything and to always question what I'm being told, even from myself.
    My recent post What Does Flirting Have to Do With Sensuality and Spirituality

  13. LisaMilesBrady Says:


    Your comment made me cry. I was thinking about how long it has taken me to grasp what you are saying and how I wish I'd known you sooner. But, I know I wasn't ready to learn the "truth" about truth. 🙂

    It was when I heard someone tell me the Universe speaks in "yes, and ???" that I became aware that everyone has their own version of the truth. What's true for me may not be true for you. But the real kicker was when I realized I could change my version of the truth by questioning EVERYTHING. It's still a scary place for me, but I know that eventually I will begin to live the wonder of not knowing a damn thing. 🙂

    Love to you, my friend.

  14. Alisha Says:

    How serendipitous. This is the vision that's been brewing within me….giving people the courage to tell their stories; to heal the past and create a new future.

  15. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Ahhh, serendipity.

    My dearest, Alisha. How brave of you to give light to that vision. I'm so honored you have shared it here.

    You are a master storyteller and through it, have healed (and continue to heal) the wounds of your journey. You are wise beyond years. You have the ability to create and sustain sacred space for others to share openly. You are perfectly suited for the vision that is emerging in your heart.

    Please, let us know how we can support you. What can your internet friends do for you going forward?

    BTW…I see a collaboration between us. 🙂

    Love you, bold one!

  16. Alisha Says:

    Thank you, so much, Lisa for your kind words and support. You really do have a special way of making people feel loved and honored.

    Right now, because my little vision is still gestating, I just need continued support and encouragement; loving kindness; trust in my abilities.

    (I would love to collaborate :))
    My recent post Selection Sunday

  17. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    What if you could trust your abilities in the same way you trust that they'll be enough air for your next breath? What would you do next?

    Love you!

  18. Alisha Says:

    This is such a powerful thought. I was a little flustered at first, but I think now I know. I must simply just write my heart out.
    My recent post Selection Sunday

  19. LisaMilesBrady Says:


    Writing your heart is an incredible act of trust, Alisha. So proud of you and so inspired by your courage.

  20. LaVonne Ellis Says:

    That dream was incredible and beautiful. I love that you recognized the meaning of it immediately. And I love dreams that hit us right between the eyes like that. We don't get many of those. Beautiful, beautiful post, thank you. 🙂
    My recent post Day 28- Wishing for a do-over

  21. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    The dream was so strange, LaVonne. Like I was somehow awake and totally aware that it was coming from Megan's post. I guess you could call it my visual story about her words. 🙂

    Not very often I am gifted with such insight from a dream but I made a note to the Uni for "more, please."

    And thank you, my beautiful friend, for the love, support, and constant encouragement. I love you.

  22. Gail McConnon Says:

    How often do we believe we find our truth in other people stories about us – and ours about them? What's Your Story? –

  23. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    "Lost" my voice, but got it back. What's YOUR story?

  24. @lipdesign Says:

    and this post is further proof you did CIP by osmosis … beautiful!!!! This is so true. We can change the story and live out loud from that place. I'm in.

    love, love, love, love you! I can see where you're drawing in that inner calm and peace. Your vision is laser sharp.

    xoxo, Lori

  25. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you for being my stand-in at CIP. 🙂 I am amazed at how calm I am right now, Lori. Something has definitely shifted.

    Love you, warrior princess!

  26. LaVonne Ellis Says:

    My tweetheart @LisaMilesBrady took my breath away with this post: What's Your Story? #2500wds

  27. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    TY! (with tears in my eyes) RT @LaVonneEllis: … took my breath away with this post: What's Your Story?

  28. Susan Johnstone Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: What's Your Story? I loved your metaphor of all the layers we walk around in!

  29. Eloiza Jorge Says:

    What's Your Story? – (Love this! Via @LisaMilesBrady)

  30. Amy Oscar Says:

    And I love this post, too! How can I possibly have missed this blog for so long? Just subscribed to everything you've got.

    As for changing the story, YES! That's the whole foundation of the work I do and yet, over and over I come to another person's blog, or have a conversation with a friend or sister and am reminded again. We are all wise ones for each other – all mirrors. Bless you for doing this work – as seeker, truth teller, teacher.

    My recent post My new goal- Not striving

  31. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you, Amy for doing the work to help others change their stories. I wish I would have known years ago that this was even an "option." But until I had the "moment", I didn't know that I could even question who I was or what I believed.

    And yes, we are wise ones for each other. I learned a long time ago (from what I believe to have been an angel on earth) that my teachers show up in all sorts of ways. I try to always keep an open mind about people I meet, because I just might learn something. 🙂


    Your blog posts always seem to resonate with me and hit me at the right time.
    Thank you for your perspective, sharing your dreams, and for forcing me to contemplate the next chapter in my story.
    Of course, I will join you on our journey!
    My recent post Self-Improvement is a State of Mind

  33. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Woohoo! So glad you will be joining me on this journey, Pam. I'm really falling in love with the process of dismantling my stories.

  34. Peggie Arvidson Says:

    Holy cow woman! I love this dream and I really, really love the rhythm of you here. Layers. Stories. Truth. I hate that I'm (for now) the LAST to comment (there will be more) but just wow. Relief. Surrender. Truth. You got it.
    My recent post Travels &amp Contemplation

  35. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    The last few days have been nothing short of mind-blowing, Peggie. I remember your post about surrender and was just so upset that after all this time, I still couldn't get there with my writing.

    And then the blogs and the dream. I have no idea of where this is going and I'm ok with that. I am profoundly grateful that I've apparently made peace with Source (and a whole lot of other things.)

    #loveyou Have missed you immensely.

  36. Catherine Caine Says:

    You are wonderful. WONDERFUL. Keep it up, sweetest.

  37. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Oh good gracious! The great Catherine Caine! (coming to a Vegas hotel near you! 🙂 )

    Thank you, my dear, for stopping by. Thank you for the love & encouragement. Thank YOU for being YOU!

    So what do think? Perhaps I"m ready for a tagline courtesy of Your Awesomeness? 🙂

  38. Peggie Arvidson Says:

    RT @LaVonneEllis: My tweetheart @LisaMilesBrady took my breath away with this post: What's Your Story? #2500wds (me2!)

  39. Shelly Says:

    SO true Lisa! I know that when I just met everyone that I did in person – they were just like I thought they would be AND MORE… I fought my introverted self constantly to allow me to continue conversations, to spend more time and really get to look into the eyes of the people I have come to love and admire over time!
    My recent post The Perfect Storm

  40. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Isn't that the coolest thing, Shelly? To take a moment to look into someone's eyes and really "see" their essence? (I've got chills thinking about it!) I've been isolated for awhile and know that as overwhelming as a live event will be for my introverted self, I will discover new things about myself and the people I've connected with online. What a gift that will be.

    Yay for you stepping out & embracing the CIP experience!