Oct '10

What the hay is “Self-Trust”?

So you’ve decided to join me on the 6 month challenge.


“Now what?” you ask.

That’s up to you. The answer to the question:  If you trusted yourself the same way you trust that there will be enough air for your next breath, what would you do today? is personal. I can’t give that to you.

But I will provide support and tools over the next 6 months to help you make the practice of self-trust second nature.

So, Lisa, what does it mean to trust yourself?

I offer you the definition that Coco Fossland (founder of the Trust Leadership Institute) provided during my training as a certified Trust Leadership Coach:

An experience of trust occurs when you profoundly accept the situations and conditions in a present moment, then choose to act from your highest wisdom .

Not from your doubt.
Not from your fear.
Not from someone else’s perspective on what you should do.

But from YOUR highest wisdom.

That’s what this journey, this challenge, is all about.  In doing this for myself, I hope to also support you in living your life, conducting your business, engaging in relationships from your highest wisdom.

Imagine for a moment what that would feel like.

(Need some help with that? I’ve included a recording here to help you get into that place.  Be sure to have a pen & paper available to write down what comes up.)

In the comments and/or on the Twitter hashtag, let me know what you noticed as you imagined living your life in trust.

The process of self-trust will help you align you life with the vision you just had.

How does that sound? 🙂


5 Responses to “What the hay is “Self-Trust”?”

  1. LaVonne Ellis Says:

    Wow, that's profound. I've been pushing it away from my consciousness but it keeps bubbling up that my big problem is that I don't trust myself. I listened to the recording [was barely able to hear it, btw] and what came up was that my entire life would be completely different. I would have made totally different choices all along the way, so I can't even imagine how that would have played out by now.

    But not counting those details, and just thinking of how I would *behave* differently:

    1. I would trust myself to remember enough facts to back me up in political debates with family members, instead of letting them get away with outrageous statements.

    2. I would trust myself to follow through on commitments, so I would make more commitments — at least those that I *want* to make.

    3. I would trust myself to be a good writer with something worth saying, and worth reading.

    The interesting thing is that, looking at this list, I realize I've been doing #2 and #3 more and more lately. #1, otoh, is still on the back burner. :p
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  2. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    What the hay is self-trust? – Today's writing for #6monthchallenge.

  3. Lori Paquette Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: What the hay is self-trust? – Today's writing for #6monthchallenge.

  4. Alisha Says:

    I just had this epiphany! That trusting myself means just acting out of wisdom; using the present information at hand to do what feels right. And I feel really good about it!
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  5. Cristina Fugaru Says:

    What the hay is "Self-Trust"? – Inspiring post by @LisaMilesBrady