Feb '10

Using the Damn Brain God Gave You

Thanks, Oprah.

While my girl has brought some real value into my life, I really didn’t need her billionaire-ass to tell me that texting and driving was REALLY, REALLY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon, folks.  When are we going to stop giving someone else our power to think for ourselves?

Ten years ago my mother was lying in hospital room.  She had been sick for over 6 months with an infection that they could not pinpoint.  As a former pre-med major and the only one in the family with the balls to challenge the doctor, it was often up to me to get the real scoop.

I’ll never forget the day that I DEMANDED the ICU nurse to get mom’s doctor to call me ASAP.  I was 6 hours away and was tired of the run around.

Unfortunately for me, I had waited for hours to use the restroom and dashed off, cell phone in hand, to relieve my bladder.


Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?  I am trying to pee!

Of course, it was the doctor.  I had to take it.

He confirmed what I already knew.  Mom was dying.  And there wasn’t anything they could do to stop it.  They had no idea what they were fighting and it was going to win.

I don’t tell you that story to make you sad.   Certainly, there are times when you just have to take a call when you’re in the middle of something else.

My guess is that’s about 1% of the time.  And that’s a stretch.

Why on earth do you have to answer your phone at the table in a restaurant?

If you answer the phone with “Hey gurl.  Nuttin’.  Just standin’ in line at Kroger,” trust me, it’s not a conversation that can’t wait until you get your sorry ass home.

And that text message?  Are you kidding me?  If you ain’t thwarting the next terrorist attack or performing virtual heart surgery, your answer can wait until you have stopped your moving vehicle.

Where the hell were you when your driver’s ed teacher explained to you that you were operating a 2-ton piece of equipment that  COULD KILL?

When did technology become an excuse for not using your own common sense?

I think people crave connection and intimacy so desperately, they are willing to create the illusion of connection.

“Look at me.  I”m so important that someone wants to talk to me..right NOW.”

“And I think so little of you and myself that I’ll pretend that you’re important by having this half-ass conversation and do 1000 other things while I’m talking to you.”

Here’s a news flash:  Real connection comes from being in the MOMENT.

You didn’t need me to tell you that.

And you certainly didn’t need Oprah to go to all that trouble to create a “No texting while driving” pledge.

NOTHING is more important than NOW.  Be in it.  Love it.  Thank God for it.

I promise you that you’ll get more done, be less stressed and your relationships will vastly improve.

The world needs YOUALL of you.

Put the phone down and be here NOW.

And for goodness sake, use the damn brain God gave you.

Lovin’ you,



3 Responses to “Using the Damn Brain God Gave You”

  1. Tex In The City Says:

    "If you ain’t thwarting the next terrorist attack or performing virtual heart surgery, your answer can wait until you have stopped your moving vehicle." OMG! That was too phunnie!

    I am going to Twitter that and link back.

  2. Susan Says:

    I adore you! And you make me laugh and think and feel and every other emotion under the sun. You’re brilliant and I’m so glad you’re finally sharing it with the world! … to the NOW! (and actually putting that mass between the ears to use!)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Awwww shucks. 🙂