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Unusual Friendship

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Judgment is a slippery slope and it starts with fear every time. S.D.J.

I had the most delicious conversation today with a dear friend. Someone I’ve known since 2004. Someone I have spent up to 4 hours with on the phone in one sitting.. Someone who has provided emotional and even financial support at some of my darkest times.

She is a gentle soul. Some would say naive and at times, child-like. She sees the world through innocent eyes and yes, at times it has annoyed me. But I am ALWAYS moved by the tenacity with which she holds onto the vision of the world she wants to live in.

We are so different and have often joked that I would have never considered her “friend material” had a met her in person. She smokes, drives a pickup, wears cowboy boots and listens to country music. My first reaction to such a person is, “white trash.” (I’m just being honest.)

Thankfully, my first reaction doesn’t stop me anymore. I have learned to stop making myself wrong for my judgments and just observe them. I am no longer willing to miss out on the possibility of spiritual connections because of my judgments. I am no longer willing to keep love at bay because of my fears.

Today, I post this in honor of my friend’s birthday. Thank you, Susan, for our most unusual friendship. I love you.

This video is of “Phyllis Rodriguez and Aicha el-Wafi, two mothers who have a powerful friendship born of unthinkable loss. Rodriguez’ son was killed in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001; el-Wafi’s son Zacarias Moussaoui was convicted of a role in those attacks and is serving a life sentence. In hoping to find peace, they have come to understand and respect one another.” (Source:

We should all be so willing.


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  2. Rachael Acklin Says:

    I am entirely and utterly laid low by such love. Thank you for putting this video in your post. And happy birthday to your dear Susan. 🙂
    My recent post When You Feel Like A Failure

  3. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Isn't it amazing? To have your heart still open when it's been broken by such tragedy… I can't even imagine. But, I do aspire to love *that* much.

    Thanks for poppin' by, Elf. 🙂


  4. Alisha Says:

    Unusual Friendship – – @lisamilesbrady. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. susan Says:

    I love you "that" much 🙂
    Thank you, my dear friend, for the wonderful gift of our friendship and so, so much more! oxo

  6. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    🙂 I know. Thanks for helping me raise my standards. 😉

    Happy Birthday, Angel!


  7. Lori I Paquette Says:

    RT @frankdickinson: Unusual Friendship (via my friend @LisaMilesBrady)

  8. Ed Fox Says:

    Powerful post thanks so much – Yes we need to not believe ourselves most of the time

    Ed Fox

  9. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Ed, I'm going to be quoting you for the rest of my life. 🙂 I love this: "…we need to not believe ourselves most of the time." Words of wisdom indeed.

    Thanks for stopping by, Ed!