Oct '11

Full Circle

Funny thing happens whenever I ACCEPT the call to write.

Words come. (more…)

Feb '10

What’s worser?

Yes, I know.  Worser is not a word.

An evangelist I watch on Tuesday nights, used the word over and over in his sermon.  My daughter and I watch the show to see what flamboyant outfits he and his wife will be wearing.

They rarely disappoint.


This morning while I was thinking about something that my blogger pal,  Tex in the City, had written, Willie C’s question came to me.

What’s worser, Lisa?

When we live our lives worried about what others think, our fear is usually that we won’t be liked or accepted.

The aha moment:  If you are worried about *them* liking you, it most likely means that YOU  don’t like you.

Well, damn.

I guess tuning into “the prophet of God” did have some payoff. 🙂

Seriously, at the end of the journey, wouldn’t it be great to say “I lived a life I loved and I LOVED ME!” ?

I can’t imagine anything *worser* than checking out with self-hatred still on my lips.

It’s time to give up the bullshit, people.  I am not saying this is an easy process.  Fundamentally, we all want to “fit in”.  It’s how the tribe survived back in caveman days.

But we aren’t there anymore.  There are plenty (and I do mean, plenty) of people who will love you when you are true to yourself.  I have been convinced for years that the best gift you can give to anyone is the gift of YOU.

The real you.

ALL of you.

Good, bad, fat, ugly, skinny, broke, divorced, hormonal, angry, or whatever label you used to hid behind.

Accept that you are ALL of those things and so much more.

And start behaving like you are so much more.

‘Cause you are.

And you know it.

And *they* do too.

Besides( to quote Marianne Williamson), “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

And you deserve so much more.  You are indeed worthy of your own love.

So, what’s worser?

Knowing that you could unlock the door anytime yet still choose prison.

I invite you to make today, this moment, the moment you decide to become your biggest fan.  Today becomes the day you stop worrying about what *they* think and commit to honoring what you think and feel.

You can decide to continue to live in the prison of your limiting beliefs or commit to the freedom of loving who you are.

You have the key.

Lovin’ you,