Mar '11

Still Breathing

I know it’s been awhile.

I’ve missed you, too. 🙂

I’ve been writing.




Seeing chaos, (as I was invited to do by a mentor & teacher named Alan Hickman), as a massive gift of POSSIBILITIES.

Much of the darkness is behind me, friends.

Having reached our 1 year anniversary in our new city, we were thrown a major curve ball.

We may have hit it out of the ballpark.

But even as it soars to left field, it doesn’t matter if it goes over the fence or is caught.

The point is we stepped to the plate.

We took a swing.

And we are…still breathing.



Recently, I have rediscovered my favorite band in college, Duran Duran. I’ve treated myself to their new album, All You Need is Now and their 2004 release, Astronaut, in celebration of my upcoming birthday and have really enjoyed immersing myself in their music – new and old.

It has reminded me of the importance of doing something you love, EVERY day. Don’t let go of the things that make you smile. Especially when times get tough.

What will you do today that makes you feel good? Please tell me in the comments.

You deserve it!

Still Breathing lyrics:

Home, it’s not brick or stone
or comfort in the firelight,
not in that sense anyway.
Dreams, if only I had known
but these things always seem
so much clearer at a distance.

I’m walking out of this town
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there.
I’d burn the place to the ground.
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there again.

Words only could break that ring
you know the words still sting
so much harder than the blows ever did.
Heart, though it’s hot and violent
my head is cool and quiet
as the ashes that fall from the sky

I’m walking out of this town
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there.
I burn the place to the ground.
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there again.


Now, I know this shattered feeling,
trampled but still breathing.

I’m just waiting for a good day
I’m walking out of this town
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there.
I’ve burn the place to the ground.
I’m never going back there,
I’m never going back there again.
never going back there again,
I’m never going back there again


19 Responses to “Still Breathing”

  1. @lipdesign Says:

    Oh I missed seeing you here, too, Baby Grrl. Just wanted to let you know that yes, you hit it out of the park and I'm thrilled to know you're still breathing. Me too. I'm still breathing after what feels like an eternity of soul sucking BS I let get in my way. Not anymore. "I’m never going back there, I’m never going back there again." 🙂

    Love YOU, Lori

  2. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    YESSSSSSSSS!! Never going back there.

    Thank you, my friend, for the love, the support, the shoulder, the kleenex, the laughter, the butt-kicking.

    So proud of YOU!


  3. Allison Nazarian Says:

    This is so true, Lisa. And while it may seem easy to follow, I find it actually rather difficult.
    Oh and the brilliance you write re chaos — I need to reread that a couple times.
    Thank you, Allison
    PS I was a HUGE DD fan. Posters of John T. all over my room growing up.
    I missed you.

  4. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    My Angel-Friend, Allison:

    Thank you. Seeing this chaos of being "forced" to move (again) has presented us with tremendous possibilities. We have taken chances and dreamed like we haven't allowed ourselves in a very long time.

    Chaos= Possibilities

    I knew it intellectually, but couldn't get my heart around it, until this month. I just keep asking, "what's possible here?"

    I love you, sweet P. You are such a gift to ME. Thank YOU!


  5. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Oh…and JT 4-EVAH! 🙂

  6. FrankDickinson Says:

    Two words:

    Miss you


  7. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    3 words:





  8. Carol Hess Says:

    So glad to see you back here, Lisa, right where you belong. There are so many definitions of home — one of which has to be your very own blog and the people who love you and your words.

    I have to move too. I've decided to believe that the Universe wants me in a place that will really support and encourage this new phase I'm entering into. It's also a great opportunity for so many things, including shedding that which no longer serves me. (Goodwill and dump, here I come!)

  9. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you, Carol. It's good to be back. Congrats on the launch of your new blog!

    Moving presents lots of opportunities for release. For us, it turned into an opportunity to buy the house! Not sure how it will all turn out but going thru the process has helped us get clearer about where we want to be and where we want to go.


  10. Lori I Paquette Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: Still Breathing

  11. Frank Dickinson Says:

    Holy moly Batman, LOOK -> Still Breathing (via @LisaMilesBrady)

  12. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    "I know this shattered feeling. Trampled but still breathing." – Duran Duran–Me, too.

  13. Alisha Says:

    I have missed you dearly. I love you. I hope that there is still some peace in the chaos.

  14. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Love you too, Angel!

    Realizing more and more that our lives are about EXPANSION. Ask the questions that open you up.


  15. Sally Says:

    I love it when your emergence aligns with my own. We do seem to share a history of that though, don't we?

    I'm not a big fan of 80's music ~ most likely that's my age showing. My heart remains quite stuck in the 70's – though my ears continue to travel through time with me.

    Duran Duran was really fun to dance to, I remember that. (I loved Culture Club too – no accounting for tastes, I guess.)

    Anyway, here's a song that reflects, in part, what you've described in your post. When we respond to something 'reflexively' ~ we're often falling back on coping measures learned while very young. Learning to see Chaos as a magical swirl of possibility is awesome, wise and mature. So envious!!

    [youtube Eotbo-DsPTo youtube]
    My recent post The club can’t even handle us right now …

  16. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    NOT an 80s fan? I'm heartbroken. 😉 Loved Culture Club, Madonna, Rick Springfield, Big Country…(shall I go on?)

    But that wasn't the point, was it. 🙂

    The IT gal in me used to call it my "default setting." When I began to observe myself, I was quite often, embarrassed at my "reflexes". They often stemmed from a defensive posture, which of course, is fear based.

    Wise and mature, huh?

    I think someone is seeing HER reflection.


  17. ametia Says:


    Hi Lisa, any time you ask WHY with all your hear and SOUL, YOU.WILL..BE.SHOWN.

    Peace & LOVE

  18. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Oh. YES. I. Did. 🙂

    Hey Ametia –good to see here!

    Asking and EXPECTING an answer is still a practice for me. But I'm getting it. 🙂

    Love to you & the 3Chics team!

  19. Shelly Says:

    Glad you're back sweetie!! I'm catching up myself – always love to see ya! xoxoxo