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Nothing is Wrong

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December 5 – Let Go.

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

(Author: Alice Bradley)


There were a lot of things this year that I let go of.  Life, in recent years, has been a continual (and often painful) shedding of relationships, jobs, homes, hopes, dreams.

Much of that process has happened publicly.

If not for the blessing that is the Lisa-Unmasked family, most of it I would not have coped with.

There were many days I didn’t want to live through it anymore.

But as I wrote on Day #3, Dear God, I’m  Here.

This year was a bit different as it presented opportunities to let go that were not nearly as painful.

Much of them, however, were things that I thought were “gone”.

For awhile, my first reaction was, “Seriously? This?  Again?”

And then I would start laughing.

(What was so effin’ funny, you ask?)

I would realize that I was being given an opportunity to go deep.

And heal.


When I could accept what was being presented from that broader perspective, the “healing” was graceful.

Dare I say, E-A-S-Y.

Working through them (usually by writing ), the sense of completion brought an overwhelming sense of peace.

Once I got there, no matter how I thought about the person or situation, there was no visceral reaction.

Instead, I would feel…gratitude.

I would smile.

“Thank you” would escape my lips before I could stop it.

“It” had lost it grip.

“It” had run it’s course.

I had let go.


Soon I became fascinated by how “letting go” had stopped being a sucky process.

Granted, these were situations that I’d spent a lot of years and even more tears processing.

I had already done much of the heavy lifting.

Still, I couldn’t really think about those situations without a twinge of pain.

So the Uni brought them back up to give me another chance to deal with it.

And finally, I did.

I began to wonder about something a coach told me years ago.

Pain cannot be avoided.  But suffering is optional.

I wondered if I could really let go of some of my deepest hurts, the ones I swore I could never let go of.

And the answer was yes.

“Ok Smarty Pants,” I said to the Universe.  “HOW?”

It’s all good.


It’s. ALL. GOOD.

And then it hit me.

As I learned in All I have and Writer love, sometimes I need to turn it around to get the message.

“It’s all good” suddenly became nothing is wrong.





Let’s put this to the test.

I began to apply that thinking to daily situations.

The stress I experience during my daily commute goes away almost instantly.

I started to apply it to news stories I’d see online.

I could read them and not react violently. 🙂

I tried it on situations with people, like in customer service situations.

I found myself being nicer.

Every time I found myself overreacting to anything, I would say, “Nothing is wrong here.”

And like magic, that’s what I experienced.

Why the hell does this work, I thought?

And it hit me.

This lesson is as old as time.

But I just got it.

Everything and anything that happens in your life presents you with an opportunity to choose who you are going to be.

I want to BE someone who always chooses from love.

So my experiences in each and every moment allow me the opportunity  to decide: Do I want to choose from love?  Or fear?

Nothing is wrong when you decide to choose to be the person you want to become in any situation.

This year, I finally let go of the lie that anything or anybody needed to change.

Nothing is wrong.

It really is all good.


How ’bout you?  What did you let go of?


24 Responses to “Nothing is Wrong”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Totally struggle with letting go. I'm getting a little better, but still working on it. It seems like it would bring more ease into my life.

  2. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    I think it's a continual process. With some things it's instantaneous, with others, more time is needed. You just keep choosing. Who do I want to be in the face of this?

    It removes the resistance which is what we all struggle with. It shifts YOU and the outer circumstances don't need to change for you to feel relief.

  3. @lipdesign Says:

    "Nothing is wrong when you decide to choose to be the person you want to become in any situation." … wow. Lisa, this is a beautiful and profound post.

    I need to print this out and display it in several places as a gentle reminder to myself that "nothing is wrong here." You know all too well how I struggle with letting go — sitting in the pain — because I have conditioned myself to operate out to fear rather than love. It's a learning process; my journey is getting underway. There's a lot of healing to be done. Perhaps as I write more, share more, be more CONSCIOUS, present and grateful, I'll catch on.

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

    xoxo, Lori
    My recent post Shut Up and Listen- a Message from Mean Grrrl

  4. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Thank you, Lori. I'm humbled this touched you so deeply.

    My default is to wallow. To react. Now, I notice and realize I'm just being given a chance to choose.

    It doesn't mean I always choose from love. But I am getting better. 🙂

    Be patient with yourself. You are in the thick of lots of things and you'll work your way out one choice at a time. When you get really stuck ask, "What would LOVE do?"

    And remember, you are not alone in your journey.


  5. @lipdesign Says:

    thanks, love! I know I'm not alone. 🙂
    My recent post Shut Up and Listen- a Message from Mean Grrrl

  6. Tex In The City Says:

    :Tex is singing this to the tune of Happy Birthday:
    God is blessing you now!
    God is blessing you now!
    God is blessing you…you're won-der-ful!

    (There are hand motions but I'll save those for our playdate!)
    My recent post ReVerb10 Day 5- Let Go

  7. gr8coach Says:

    My Shining Wordsmith Angel … do you receive my affirmations of you??? If you don't know by now, I adore you even though we've never met f2f and I only recently had the pleasure of hearing your voice on a webinar call 🙂 … you make me smile and … think.

    I'm reading "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie … very much the same path you just described. 🙂 Hugs.

  8. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    "you make me smile and … think."


    You honor me with the greatest compliment- that I make you THINK!


    Seriously, Thank YOU. Know that every time I think about you, I am sending you a big hug of appreciation for reaching out to me & becoming a friend.


  9. @talktherapybiz Says:

    Hi Lisa-

    I love the theme of 'letting go.' It's amazing how much extra weight we carry around. Whether the cargo is in the form of an unhealthy relationship, a difficult client, or a proclivity towards negative thinking, we choose to suffer. I'm with the professor on that analogy.

    I'm going to use that with my clients (with appropriations, of course ;).

    Thanks, and have a wonderful 2011.
    My recent post Why You Should Take One Step Back to Move Forward

  10. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Hey Linda!

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    I think I wanted to slap that coach the 1st time I heard her say, "Suffering is optional." 🙂

    In the shift out of victimhood (why is this happening to ME?) I began to understand it.

    And then in figuring out how I could choose my state of mind in any situation, wanted or unwanted, was empowering.

    I wish I could have said it happened overnight. It's still a conscious practice.

    Your clients are lucky to have you to support them.

    All the best to you going forward!


  11. Robin Says:

    Lisa –

    Wow, that one hit me in a good way. Feeling stuck and a bit down and I don't have to, do I? Thanks, Lisa. I am always inspired, intrigued or entertained by your writing, but mostly inspired. You are a real gem… emphasis on the REAL.

    – Robin

  12. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Sending you a BIG hug, Robin!!

    Thank you for letting me know this landed. You believed in me "way back when" and I have never forgotten that. It means a lot that you get something out of Lisa-Unmasked, REAL and all! 🙂

    Now back to getting you unstuck…have you lost my #? 😉

  13. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    Nothing is Wrong – what I let go of in 2010 #reverb10

  14. Sue Nyoni Says:

    Beautiful. RT @lisamilesbrady: Nothing is Wrong – what I let go of in 2010 #reverb10

  15. Jeanne Mills Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: Nothing is Wrong – what I let go of in 2010 #reverb10

  16. Shenee Says:

    A beautiful example of a post with soul and brevity! ( Not that your other posts aren’t fabulous, because they are ) Pain cannot be avoided. But suffering is optional.— That is something that really changed the way I thought about bad things that happen to me. You can choose to suffer. You are so right. Nothing. Is. Wrong. It’s so hard to get at first but when you do, EVERYTHING changes. : )

  17. abbyizzysmom Says:

    "This year, I finally let go of the lie that anything or anybody needed to change.

    Nothing is wrong.

    It really is all good."

    Brilliant. I am printing this post out. I need to read it daily. I am letting go of so much lately and learning to fly. But it's hard and sometimes I revert to my old ways. But it sounds like you're on top of it and the world! Awesome post, girl!

    erin @ the mother load
    My recent post Buy Local From the Little Shop on the Corner – The Reading Reptile

  18. Lori I Paquette Says:

    this brought tears to my eyes. Brilliance from my baby grrrl: RT @LisaMilesBrady: Nothing is Wrong

  19. Erin Margolin Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: Nothing is Wrong – what I let go of in 2010 #reverb10

  20. Lisa Gillispie Says:

    so beautiful, I will carry this with me, "I want to BE someone who always chooses from love." go read –

  21. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    TY! RT @lipdesign: this brought tears to my eyes. Brilliance from my baby grrrl: Nothing is Wrong

  22. Shelly Says:

    I am soooo going to try this!!! ESPECIALLY during my commute!!! 🙂

  23. Lisa Miles Brady Says:

    Nothing is Wrong #cutthecrap

  24. Samantha Kelly Says:

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