Nov '10

It’s Only Temporary

Sitting at the traffic light looking up at the changing trees, I heard it.

It’s only temporary.

The words caused me to replay my morning in my mind.

Watching the clock as my daughter was flirting with being late for school. (tick-tock, tick-tock)

The Acura MDX who pulled up along side me hoping I wouldn’t notice that he was trying to race me before the lane merged. (Really, dog?)

The unconscious pedestrian who stepped out from between parked cars only looking in one direction. Not mine. (DUH!)

It’s only temporary.

All of it.

Everything that annoys you.

Everything that delights you.

Everything that makes you want to rip out your hair.

Everything that makes you cry with gratitude.


For there will be something else in the next moment to replace it.

Something in the next hour that will seem far more important.

Something in the next year that will make it seem as minor as who won last night’s game. (Which game, Lisa? Precisely.)

I get that it may not feel that way in the moment.

I get that whatever “it” is may even suck.

But I promise you, you can be with it.

If you so choose.

Because “it” is only temporary.

Today I invite you to look up from your situation. And notice.

Notice the trees. Notice the clouds. Notice the paint on the walls.

Just notice something else.

If you’re like me, you’ll return to your day with fresh eyes and a new perspective.





Enjoy it while it lasts.


27 Responses to “It’s Only Temporary”

  1. @lipdesign Says:

    "Today I invite you to look up from your situation. And notice." … good. I'm noticing and moving on since it was crappy. Important. but crappy. and temporary.

    thank you, Lisa, for wake up call.

    xoxo, Lori

  2. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    You know I totally get "crappy" days. And in the midst of the worst of times, I'd wanted to rip someone's tongue out for saying, "this too shall pass."

    Bite me.

    I seem to have to learn it in my own way, in my own time, using "my" own words. I know you will, too, as you make this journey to what's next for you. Whenever you need a reminder or someone to scream with, you know how to find me. 🙂


  3. Peter Ahrens Says:

    Incredibly insightful post by @LisaMilesBrady: It's Only Temporary –

  4. Thanh Ngoc Says:

    I like the way you've turned the perspective into something completely new. It's very optimistic.

    I must admit I do dwell in the moment a bit too much. (My nickname is stresspot!).

    Next time I am overwhelmed, I'll think of this, and say to myself, 'It's only temporary.'
    My recent post Why having less equipment is better

  5. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Oh, Thanh Ngoc, thank you so much. I am glad you found this useful.

    As an artist, I'm sure you have lots of moments when you look at a landscape or people and see something "new." You can't really explain it, but you know your about to capture something beyond what's actually there.

    That's how I felt yesterday when I looked up. In the moment I raised my eyes, somehow i opened my ears and heard those words. I know it was life-changing in ways that I can't even imagine now.

    Btw…we need to get you another nickname! lol

    hugs to you & Peter.

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  7. @pegkd Says:

    Ohhh – -totally cool insight. thanks. (and I thought that they canceled that series because no one worthwhile was playing — lol!)
    My recent post Art &amp Halloween!

  8. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    HA! Since I'm not a starter, viewership was low. ;P

  9. Pamela McBride Says:

    …And even when I think I may never have another bout of creativity, I tell myself it is only temporary. And it always is…love your perspective!

  10. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    "…a bout of creativity." Looking forward to discovering what that means. 🙂

    Seriously, Pamela, thanks for stopping by and dropping your wisdom. While I'm still a work-in-progress on owning my own creativity, the artists, writers and dreamers I admire always tell me, "more to come."
    Apparently you know that truth as well. 🙂

    Keep workin' it, girl!

  11. @susantblake Says:

    Hi Lisa – Brilliant post! Of course, I can say that since I agree. 🙂 I discovered these lessons over and over when coming up for air after my husband's death a few years ago. That was the genesis of my book, "Remember to Look Up."

    Very nicely put, my dear. Keep it up!
    My recent post A Modern-Day Barn Raising

  12. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    What a beautiful title to come out of what had to be a very difficult time for you, Susan. I will keep those words close to my heart. Thank you.

    So glad you stopped by. Always a treat to see your beautiful smile in my Twitter stream. 🙂

  13. @susantblake Says:

    Aww, and that made me smile more! Thanks Lisa!
    My recent post A Modern-Day Barn Raising

  14. Peggie Arvidson Says:

    This should give you some breathing room wise insight from the talented @LisaMilesBrady !

  15. Susan T. Blake Says:

    RT @LisaMilesBrady: It's Only Temporary | Look up. Notice. It will help.

  16. FrankDickinson Says:

    Did I mention how much I needed this today?

    I missed a really important appointment with someone I want to interview for the blog

    I beat the hell out of myself

    big time

    hard ass blows

    and then I looked up and there he was on Skype, waiting for me


    Thanks Sistah!
    My recent post Be Remarkable

  17. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    I wonder what soft ass blows would be like? 😮

    (Sorry…I get distracted easily.)

    btw…In case no one has ever told you, you're worth waiting for.

    I am so glad you got the opportunity to find that out in a round-about way.

    And next time you want to beat yourself up, pull this out and read it. A wonderful book by another tweetheart, @susantblake called, “Remember to Look Up: 35 Tips for Making a Comeback”:

  18. FrankDickinson Says:

    Excellent – thank you!
    My recent post Be Remarkable

  19. Thanh Ngoc Tran Says:

    @LisaMilesBrady Hey girl! I really loved your post, 'It's only temporary' You always know how to strike a chord 🙂

  20. Frank Dickinson Says:

    It's Only Temporary – (a great reminder via @LisaMilesBrady)

  21. Kevin Douglas Says:

    RT @FrankDickinson: It's Only Temporary – (a great reminder via @LisaMilesBrady)

  22. SouthernGirl2 Says:

    Today I invite you to look up from your situation. And notice.

    Talk to me, Lisa! I need to work on that. I usually panic about situations. I need to learn to remain calm.

  23. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    Oh yes, my friend. I hear you.

    Panic is my default setting. I think sometimes (as black women, esp) we are immersed in what's WRONG and that we have to forever be in fix it mode.

    That morning, looking up, took me out of the drama I'd created in my mind. Not to say that any situation you are panicked about is just "drama" but maybe, just maybe, looking up and saying "it's only temporary" will give you space to breathe and just go with it.

    What you resist, persists.

    Letting go is a moment-to-moment practice. Take it one situation at a time, my friend. And remember you can always stop in to get some support. We don't have to do it alone.


  24. SouthernGirl2 Says:


    I can counsel others through heart-ache & difficult situations but when it comes to my own situation I fall flat. Why is that? I have often wondered about it.

  25. LisaMilesBrady Says:

    That's why God(dess) gave us friends. 🙂

  26. Shelly Says:

    Sometimes it may take a while – but I SOOO understand that things are temporary! just wish that sometimes, I could look up before letting it get to me!! Sometimes I do… and sometimes I don't – but in the end… it's all good 🙂

    You're a gem – you know that?
    My recent post Is it Nirvana

  27. LisaMilesBrady Says:


    I know. It would be great if we always "got it", wouldn't it? 🙂 But we learn from those moments that we wallow and despair and the contrast adds so much to our lives. Like you said, "it's all good." Especially when we can't see that it is.

    And thank you for the compliment. 🙂 xo