Jul '10

It’s Official!

Lisa Unmasked has been named one of the Top 10 Best Coaching Blogs for 2010!

Thank you ALL!

It’s been quite a journey and I did not know what to expect by the end of this competition.

I wrote yesterday what June 2010 meant to me and as I start July, I am reminded of the quote that sits on the bookshelf in my office:

“It is not the easy of convenient life for which I search – but rather life lived to the edge of all my possibility.” ~ Maryanne Radmacher

Entering this competition was neither easy or convenient.  It was terrifying.  But I believe that by moving through it, I have finally begun a life that will truly lead me to the “edge of all my possibility”.

Are you willing to join me?

What would have to happen in the month of July for you to feel like you’re headed to the edge of all your possibility?

What will it take for you to take that first step?

If you want some help getting started, let’s set up and appointment to discuss it and create a plan. Just leave me a comment here and I will send you a private link to my calendar.

Remember, you are never alone.  I’ll be right there, holding your hand if you need it, and I will always be cheering you on.

With all the love & gratitude in my heart,

The Resident Diva


3 Responses to “It’s Official!”

  1. Peggie Says:

    I am sooo proud of you for entering and competing and showing up and being 100% you and telling your truth. And looky you — winner in the top 10 — ROCKING!

  2. Tex In The City Says:

    Whoo to the top blog hooo! I a so happy for you!

  3. Lisa Says:

    @Peggie, @Tex

    Thank you!