Mar '11

Still Breathing

I know it’s been awhile.

I’ve missed you, too. 🙂

I’ve been writing.




Dec '10

To Sprout…Reach Out

UPDATE as 12/11/2010: Tex is going to Vegas! Woohoo! Thank you for your love, support, prayers, retweets and purchases. Dreams DO come true!

I’m pretty excited about the launch of my Inspired Maven compilation e-book:  Inspired Maven: Empowering Advice From Businesswomen

This collaboration was more than 8 weeks in the making.  At least for me.

Its launch signifies a major step in my dream of becoming a published author and is a defiant testament to tenacity in the face of almost certain defeat and the belief that sometimes all you really need is faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. (more…)

Oct '10

What happens when trust speaks? (or Day 1)

Well, today’s the day.

October 1, 2010.

The day I declared on my FIRST public video, no less, that I would spend the next 6 months writing each and every day.

(What was I thinking?)

Oh…yes it was this:  If you trusted yourself the same way you trust that there will be enough air for your next breath, what would you do today? (more…)

Sep '10

Why it Matters

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~- Bishop Desmond Tutu

Last night, after I hit “publish” on yesterday’s post and said my “thank you’s” on Twitter, I began to cry.

I was completely overcome with joy.

The heaviness that I couldn’t explain, but somehow knew was tied to my lack of writing, was gone.


Just like that. (more…)

Jul '10

How a Pole Dancin’ pig re-launched my business

I’m sure you are scratching your head but the post does have a point.

You see, earlier this week, I had the privilege of meeting Catherine Caine of She provides “website advice for delightful weirdos.”

Catherine is going to help me create a new brand online. One that reflects who I have become since launching Lisa-Unmasked to (ahem) super-stardom. ?

I told her about my fellow “fame hogs”, hiding out in plain sight on my blog, Twitter and Facebook. This motley crew of writers, coaches, designers, and yogis, who so desperately need to be seen but are still afraid of really showing up BIG.

Yes, YOU. 🙂

After my call with Catherine, I began to wonder how I might do more to help YOU come out of hiding. (more…)