Aug '10


So everyone is talking about the movie.

Just like they did the book.

I must have been the last person on the planet to read the book. My coach was shocked and actually offered to buy it for me. She loved it that much.

I enjoyed it as well and moved before I finished it. It’s in a box somewhere. And of course, the end has been spoiled for me.

I hadn’t given much thought to a movie version. Wasn’t that invested.

But I doubt I’ll be seeing this one. (more…)

Jul '10

Love Itself

I have no idea when I wrote this. I found it scribbled in the margin of a book I picked up. Long time readers and old friends will know who I was thinking about when I wrote it.

When I read it now, the pain is gone. Only profound gratitude for the lessons learned and the opportunity to finally begin to see my own worth. I hope you enjoy it. (more…)

Jun '10

How Letting Go Got the Toilet Cleaned

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know that I am challenged by “letting go”, especially around certain relationships.  I have shared some of the drama in letting go of one of the most beautiful relationships I’ve ever known –even when I knew the best of the moments shared had long since passed.

Who am I kidding?

I SUCK at letting go. (more…)

Jun '10

Going Deep and Playing for Keeps

I hate fluff.

I hate superficial crap.  Small talk.  Pleasantries.

I hate FAKE.

But of course, we know, I AM all those things, right?

(You can’t see in others what’s not in you.)

You see, for days now, I’ve been avoiding an email in Facebook.  It was lovely and all but I just couldn’t figure out why it was bothering me so much.

And then it hit me. (more…)

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Jun '10

A funny thing happened on the way….

I probably shouldn’t write this post when I am this tired, but I am so inspired by the love and support and new friends that have stopped by, all because I took a chance.

Thank you.

Today was another day out of my element. I had to drive for the first time in my new city to a place I’d never been.

Trust me when I tell you, I looked for a multitude of reasons not to show up at this event. But getting lost on the way was not one of them. (more…)