Jan '11

MLK Guest Post

Hello Luvs!

Lots to share this week, so I’ll be back with a vengeance. ūüôā I hope your New Year is off to a great start.

Recently, I was honored by a request from my writing coach, Carol Hess, to participate in her 31-day Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. Carol is a coach’s DREAM partner in using writing to grow a coaching business and her blog, Tame the Writing Monster, provides lots of great tips to do just that.

Her focus this month is OVERWHELM (I think a few of you know a little about that ūüôā ) and my guest post is entitled, “To End the War, Look… Inside.”

As always, let me know what you think.



Dec '10

The Unexpected Gift of 2010

The gift

I’ve been quiet, I know.

I’m not particularly fond of the way the holidays are observed in this country, so in my effort to promote “peace and goodwill towards men,”¬† it’s better that I remain under the radar.¬†¬† Trust me, I make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Mother Teresa. (more…)

Jul '10

Left Wondering….(a continuation of what needs to be said)

I have written two different posts in the past few days–both of which, I was too afraid to post.¬† It seems Lisa may not be as “unmasked” as she believed.¬† My new #bff, Peggie, has (ahem) suggested that perhaps I write a series of blog posts to help me with this story that has decided it must be told.

I go back to the post, “What Needed to be Said” as the title of the emerging series.¬† I hope you’ll stay with me to see where it goes.¬† And most of all, please share what is coming up for you. If we are going to heal our deepest wounds, we must give light to our stories.¬† Share them in whatever way(s) we can and know that in doing so, we are helping each other.

And that is the real reason we are here anyway.

This post I wrote about the July 4th holiday in the US: (more…)

Dec '07

Self Inflicting Pain

If I see one more article about holiday stress I think I may scream!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I’m¬†caught in the trap of¬†automatically reacting to something.

Sound familar?

Like everything, the “holiday season” is but an illusion.¬†¬†Did you have any say into this idea that¬†from Halloween until New Year’s that you were supposed to run around like a¬†chicken with your head cut off trying to buy the¬†“right”¬†gifts, food, decorations..and so on and so on???

Did anyone ask your input into whether Dec 25 was a better day for you than say, August 2?  

And how about the turkey and the pig?  Did anyone ask their opinion about being served up in excess come the end of the year? 

Well, no one asked me.  So for me and my family, we do what we choose.

My father died on what’s known in this country as “black¬†Friday.”¬† On¬†the day that millions of people are trampling each other to spend money they don’t have on¬†stuff that no one really¬†NEEDS, I¬†was saying good-bye to my Daddy.¬† I was 24 and got my first lesson in perspective and choice.

Had I waited until Christmas to buy something for my dad or show up at the house ’cause we “had” to,¬† I’d have been S.O.L.¬† Christmas didn’t come for Daddy that year.¬†

Why do we wait until some arbitrary day on the calendar to show appreciation?  Because the retailers tell us to?

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day–my husband and I tell each other every day how much we love and appreciate the other.

I don’t get wrapped up in birthdays or anniversaries–the next one isn’t always promised, so we celebrate our family in little ways.¬† Dinners out at someone’s favorite restaurant, gifts “just because”, vacations and short get-a-ways, because life’s simply too short.

Showing love and appreciation doesn’t require good credit or lots of cash.¬† Nor do you prove your love by the amount of stress and strain that you put forth in creating the “perfect” meal or holiday party or buying your kid something because “everyone else has it.”

The only person asking you to do, do, do, is YOU.¬† If you didn’t lift a finger or spend a dime, it wouldn’t make you any less the magnificent creation that you are.¬†

If what you are doing doesn’t create peace–STOP.¬† Otherwise, please keep your complaining about how stressful this time of year is to yourself.

Your stress is self-inflicted. 

Choose peace.