Dec '12

When it sucks

An old college friend of mine has cancer.


The morning I found out (on Facebook) I got angry.

Really angry. (more…)

Jun '11

Balls not required

I still have the final 3 episodes of Oprah on my DVR.

I started to watch the star-studded episode and was so thrilled to see Madonna come out on stage.

Considering all this woman has accomplished in her own right, I found it moving that she admired Oprah. I hung on every word until she said of Oprah, “You’ve got balls.” (more…)

May '11

Looking in the Mirror

“One aspect of being human is our ability to choose our own behavior; more specifically, our capacity to return good for evil, love for hate, dignity for indignity.” – Pamela Gerloff

“2 wrongs don’t make a right.”

Isn’t that the old saying?

Too bad it isn’t true.

“Right” is simply in the eye of the beholder.

Feb '11

Day 124

photo credit: luigi diamanti

124 days into my #6monthchallenge, I open a Facebook message from a long-time reader and super supporter that read:

Post, baby, post.

I had to chuckle. (more…)

Oct '10

What happens when trust speaks? (or Day 1)

Well, today’s the day.

October 1, 2010.

The day I declared on my FIRST public video, no less, that I would spend the next 6 months writing each and every day.

(What was I thinking?)

Oh…yes it was this:  If you trusted yourself the same way you trust that there will be enough air for your next breath, what would you do today? (more…)