Oct '11

Full Circle

Funny thing happens whenever I ACCEPT the call to write.

Words come. (more…)

Jun '10

The Only Way

I end this month with astonishment and celebration.

When I began the month of June, I was celebrating some wins, but was in a lot of fear about a number of things:

  • Going to coaching bootcamp
  • Entering my blog into a contest
  • Beginning a “real” dialogue on Twitter.

In all those things, the voice in my head was saying “You are not good enough.” “They will laugh at you”. “You’ll discover that you aren’t cut out for it.” “You are a loser.”

I lived the first week of June constantly feeling like I was going to vomit. (more…)

Jun '10

10 Things I Learned on Twitter Tonight

I’m scared to death.

I’m amazed at the number of times I hear that from entrepreneurs and every day people alike.


I just got off a live Twitter chat hosted by my mentor, ElizabethPW.  I’ve been following her for most of the year (although I was introduced to her work over 3 years ago) and am really enjoying the connections that I am making in her community.

But I was still shocked to hear from this most awesome group that fear sometimes gets in their way, too.


It appears that no matter how much money you make, no matter how many Twitter followers you have, or no matter how many times you’ve actually succeeded in your business, fear is taking up space in the closet as well. (more…)

Jun '10

Best Coaching Blogs Update


Lisa-Unmasked officially made it to the next round of competition! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and a big shout out to the new readers as well.

The next round is for popular votes and runs until June 14 28.

There were 39 blogs entered into the competition and currently, 18 remain.  I am #14.  Only the top 15 blogs with the most votes will advance.  BTW, If you have already voted, you can NOT vote again.

If you have not yet voted, now would be a great time to vote for me. 🙂

While “winning” the competition was never really my goal, I am beyond thrilled of how things stand.  Mostly, I am pretty damn proud of myself for jumping in with both feet, eyes closed and scared as hell.  For me to be sharing this moment with you is more than I could have asked for.  I put myself out there in a big way and feel more alive than ever.

So, how ’bout we play a game together over the next few days?

Wouldn’t it be great if together, Lisa-Unmasked finished in the top 10 this round?

Would you help me?

Share a favorite post with a friend, tweet it or give a shout-out on Facebook.  Be creative, but only if you are led.

In return, I’d love to give something back.

If you share the blog with someone (in any way), I would love to do one of my signature “Go For Your Dreams NOW” coaching sessions with you.

Are you stuck?  Experiencing overwhelm?  Want to make some progress on a big goal but have hit a wall?  I can help. Drop me a note at lmb [at] coach4divas dot com and I’ll send you a private link to my calendar to set up call.

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Let’s have some fun and help each other at the same time.

Are you ready?

Let’s DO IT! (And THANKS for playing!)

Love ya’!


May '10

I See You

My confusion about growing my business has always been around what gifts I bring to the table. Every time my coach has asked me to go out and ask 3 people what I’m good at, I cringe.

Now part of that is a very old story. What I was good at in corporate, what I built a reputation for, was not valued. My interpersonal skills are off the chart. I think it’s because I’m empathic and can read or sense people’s feelings even when they are saying or doing something different.

It’s really hard to hide from me (when I am paying attention.)

But I used that ability to coach people on getting what they really wanted. Many chose to stay “safe” but all appreciated really being seen and heard. Hopes, fears, regrets and dreams that were never shared with anyone could see the light of day in my office without judgment.

But I was reprimanded more than once for taking too much of a personal interest in people. Their stories and dreams were not my concern. I was only meant to see them as resources and ensure that we were getting the maximum of their productivity (and then some).

So, even though I was told I was really good at coaching, mentoring, relationships and career building, I was wasting time doing it.

I brought that fear to my business knowing intuitively that people really need someone to see them, hear them and help them reach their deepest desires, but questioned whether they’d pay for it.

The truth is: I can help you get whatever you want faster (and probably) easier than you can trying to do it on your own.

Because I can SEE you.

I can see your shit as well as your brilliance.
I can see the things that you hold you back as well as those hidden gems that would propel you forward (if you’d just trust yourself)

So, I laughed today when this showed up in my inbox after asking the Universe yet again, “What am I good at?” “How am I meant to serve?” (whine, whine, sniffle, sniffle)

I hope you enjoy it. And check out the book as well.

Finally, I open to talk about YOUR dream. What would you like to step powerfully into? What would make 2010 a banner year for you?

I see you. And I love and believe in you, too.

Rock on,


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