Jun '15

What it’s like to be heard

I had big plans for the day.

It was going to be a painting day.

Few things get me more excited than new paints and a blank canvas. And I had both. (*cue angelic choir*)

MAGIC was going to happen.

And then I made the mistake of reading email. (more…)

Mar '15

Love lessons from my mess

I’ve been thinking about this post all week.

Lots of ideas. “Nothing” to say.

And then the usual chorus of critics chimed in to berate me for not having it all figured out and PERFECT. (more…)

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Mar '15

Why I’m Back

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? 🙂

While I have most definitely thought of you during my absence (and missed you terribly), the thought of returning to the blog often seemed pointless. Haven’t I said it all already? And really, what’s the point?

I know I’m not the only who struggles with such thoughts. I know I’m not alone wondering sometimes if my work really matters, given all the pain and suffering in the world.

Yet no matter how loud those voices screamed at me, the desire to be here never went away. The joy I experienced in connecting with you was always in my heart.

This week, I was challenged by my two closest friends and confidantes to stop “talking” about returning and just WRITE. I even had a deadline to finish at least one post.

Yet even with the loving support (and not-so-gentle kicks in the ass), I wasn’t sure I could.

I wasn’t sure I had anything in me.

I was simply too afraid to show up again.
(and yes, that is very hard to admit publicly.)

As I got up this morning, I asked for help in meeting my “deadline.” I was guided to the 21-day Meditation Experience that Oprah and Deepak Chopra are hosting again. As I opened Day 2 of this series, I burst into tears as I read the day’s centering thought:

I am here to bring more love into the world.

Suddenly, there was no pressure. No need to get it “right.” No need to do anything other than remember that “I am here to bring more love into the world.”

(And by the way, so are you! 🙂 )

I do this by writing what’s in my heart. By giving myself permission to be a messy human, doing the best I can, and sharing what I’ve learned (even if I’m still going thru it).

I cried through the entire meditation and as I opened my eyes, I caught sight of this line from a writing manifesto I downloaded earlier in the week, compliments of Cynthia Morris at Original Impulse:

Writing is an act of love.


So, I’m back.

Letting LOVE lead.

In service AND in LOVE,


Dec '12

When it sucks

An old college friend of mine has cancer.


The morning I found out (on Facebook) I got angry.

Really angry. (more…)

May '12


One of my nephew’s was killed earlier this week.

He was 25.